School Library Journal Review (and Fran bursting)

Lovely review of Witch Wars in the School Library Journal (see below) – our first US review!

Witch Wars is launching in the US in January, 2016, and we are all very excited. Especially Fran... who pretty much burst when we told her it's where the above-the-pipes version of Brollywood is. 

Thank you so very much to Mandy Laferriere from Fowler Middle School.

School Library Journal

POUNDER, Sibéal. Witch Wars. illus. by Laura Ellen Anderson. 272p. Bloomsbury. Jan. 2016. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781619639256.

Gr 3-6–Tiga Whicabim doesn’t know she’s a witch until Fran the fairy shows up in her tiny shed of a home, shows her that her name is an anagram for I AM A BIG WITCH, and takes her down the sink pipes to Ritzy City. There she discovers that witches’ hats are only pointy due to the journey up the pipes to our world, that witches love jam, and that she is one of nine girls slated to battle it out in the Witch Wars. The winner of Witch Wars gets to rule Ritzy City as Top Witch, but the stakes are higher for Tiga. If she loses, she’ll have to go back to her shed with her horrible caretaker, who feeds her only cheese water. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t know a single spell. She’ll have to work hard to outsmart mean girl witches Felicity Bat and Aggie Hoof, but luckily her new friend Peggy vows to help. The young witches, along with the sassy little fairies, make for a colorful and unpredictable cast of charactersWhimsical black-and-white illustrations throughout help readers envision this fantastical locale. VERDICT Silliness, riddles, puns, and many magical mishaps make this a great choice to help fill the elusive “funny book” hole that exists in many collections.–Mandy Laferriere, Fowler Middle School, Frisco, TX