For as long as anyone can remember, witches have lurked on this planet. They have brewed gloopy potions in their cauldrons and torn through the sky on their brooms. They have cackled. They have cursed. THEY HAVE CATS.

Most people think witches are really evil, with their tattered black dresses, pointy hats and unfortunate noses, but that's mostly nonsense and really only half the story. The truth, if you happen to be looking for it, lies deep down below the sink pipes... 

The Writer

©Richard Grassie

©Richard Grassie

The Illustrator 


Sibéal has written for publications including The Guardian, fashion trend forecaster WGSN, Vogue.com and The Financial Times, where she was the resident philanthropy columnist for the How To Spend It section for six years. She studied Modern History at St Andrews and Quentin Tarantino film at Yale.

Her bestselling debut Witch Wars has been translated into 10 languages so far and was shortlisted for the Sainsbury's Children's Book Award and the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize. 

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Laura is a professional children's book author and illustrator, with an increasing addiction to coffee (that is when she's not trying to take over the world or fighting sock-stealing monsters). She spends every waking hour creating and drawing and would quite like to live on the moon when humans finally make it possible.  

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